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A Dream Gone Wild

The Naturally Santa Story


Once in a great while an idea becomes reality. This is one such story.

In the early part of the 1990s, Mama Gooch looked for a very special holiday experience for her children. The traditional visit with Santa Claus. However much to her dismay none of the shopping center Santas seemed to fit the bill.

Most wore fake beards and were either too young to be believable or they were unsavory characters who were vulgar, smelled or reeked of cigarettes and alcohol. That was the last straw. Since she couldn’t find what she felt her children, or for that matter every child deserved, an Idea was born. 

That night she had a dream, a dream she eventually shared with her husband Billy Gooch and a friend of theirs who happened to be a very prominent person in one of the largest mall corporations in the country. Right there across the table over lunch at Applebee’s in Minneapolis, she revealed a dream of having a company that would provide a wholesome holiday experience for everyone. Her company would provide men who were neat and clean, men who had real beards and authentic costumes. They would be men with moral standards, who didn’t smoke, drink or womanize. She also told him how these Santas would be a marketing bonanza for shopping centers and would be great media attention getters like had never been seen before. She also said that one day she would have a stable of 100 such men. Their friend was stunned at first and they all had a laugh. However, before lunch was over mama had convinced him that it would happen, and he agreed. That day history was made. Plans for Naturally Santa were born.


By 1994 the company had placed two Santas. Ten years after the dream began,  Naturally Santa has grown to over 70 Santas covering over 33 states. A genuine Dream Gone Wild.

 Naturally Santa is a true testament to the power of your dreams . Not only dreams, but taking action on those dreams. Dreams that pay it forward, because this dream was all about helping others have what they deserve. An outlet for joy and happiness for others.

Always Believe In The Magic

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